War on the Catholic Church

We know contraception's cheap and plentiful availability makes President Obama's HHS policy a falsely premised desperate political attempt to upset women and gain voters.  This strategy hopes to create disunity in the Catholic faith community. The sowing of such discord is a manipulative, inappropriate and awful use of the office of the President of the United States.  It is uncharitable to all Catholics because we believe that the Church is the body of Christ.  No one of any political leaning should try to tear away pieces of Christ's body for political gain. The symbolism of the president's implicit attack has not been lost on those who hate Christianity and God. In a chilling move, the Freedom from Religion Foundation has placed an ad in the Washington Post that encourages Catholics to leave the Church.  It includes the following: It's Time to Quit the Catholic Church. You're better than your church, so why stay?  Why put up with an institution that...(Read Full Post)