Up and Away! Space X making history

A failure would certainly not have killed private space ventures, but the Falcon sure looked good taking off from the Cape. CSM: If all goes as planned, the first private spacecraft will dock at the International Space Station on Thursday. It will be a historic moment for all humanity in mastering new ways to break the bounds of Earth and tap the ingenuity of commercial companies for space exploration. The space capsule, known as Dragon, and the rocket that launched it Tuesday, called Falcon 9, were completely built by a private firm, Space Exploration Technologies Corp. - or SpaceX. NASA hired the California-based firm to become a "space taxi" for the delivery of supplies and people to the orbiting lab. The company is one of two so far lined up to take over the government's now-mundane role of putting objects into low orbit. These private launches will replace the space shuttle program that ended last year and help end an American dependency on Russian rockets to reach the space...(Read Full Post)