Uh-oh! Obama losing the suck-ups

Colin Powell, who supported the "transformational" Obama in 2008, is hedging his bets on 2012. Renowned as a DC weathervane who skillfully identifies and sucks up to those who can do him the most good, General Powell now must see the which way the wind is blowing.  AP: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell declined Tuesday to renew the presidential endorsement he gave Barack Obama four years ago, saying he wasn't ready "to throw my weight behind someone" at this time. Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post comments: Conservative foreign-policy gurus will have a hearty guffaw over that one. To be blunt, Powell has no real weight to throw around; it's hard to fathom that voters are hanging on his decision. More to the point, Powell has acquired quite the reputation on the right for suck-uppery to the Beltway establishment and the Davos-hopping, Aspen Institute-blathering, "Charlie Rose"-admired set. He is less than (ok, entirely un-) beloved by those offended...(Read Full Post)