Two different ways of occupying Wall Street

The numerous occupy Wall Streets occupiers last fall and now roaming through Chicago protesting NATO, were mainly young, dressed casually, trespassed private property, destroying both it and public property, disrupted lives while costing the besieged governments millions. Their demands? Redistribute the wealth of the so called 1% to the so called 99%. Meanwhile, today there was another form of occupy Wall Street. The occupiers also mainly young, dressed casually, improved private and public property, changed lives while contributing millions to their host governments. Their purpose? Create wealth and improve the lives for most of the world. If you think about what we do, we're trying to give all these people who use our products the ability to share things with their friends and their family," Zuckerberg told MTV News. "The mission is to make the world more open and connected. So we believe that if that's what we're trying to do in the world then that's how we should run the company...(Read Full Post)