Trump trumpets Obama birth certificate anomalies again

Donald Trump is back in the political news.  Not surprising as he is not exactly a shrinking violet when it comes to the media.  The discovery of a 1991 promotional booklet by Obama's literary agency claiming his birth in Kenya has brought the whole so-called "birther" issue back into the spotlight.

The literary agency used the information supplied to them by Obama in keeping with the standard procedure utilized by all agencies when they take on new clients.  It wasn't until 2007 that the biography was changed to reflect Obama's then claimed birth in Hawaii. 

Now the mainstream media and the Obama campaign team are jointly trying to tie Trump's recent comments concerning the publicity booklet and the still open question of whether the birth certificate produced last year is legitimate to Mitt Romney in an attempt to drive a wedge between the two.  Romney has refused to take the bait.

Donald Trump, once the darling of the media, is now in their minds the devil incarnate and a complete loon, as the Obama campaign thinks the "birther" issue works to their advantage.  But with the discovery of Obama's own claim of birth in Kenya combined with a myriad of unknowns regarding his background and accomplishments, as well as his mentors and associates over the years, this is an issue that could blow-up in their face along with virtually everything else they have tried.

Trump is seriously mulling over the idea of setting up his own super-PAC to help defeat Obama in November.   Rather than focus on Obama's abysmal economic record, which many other super-PACs will do, Trump may ask the simple question: "Who is Barack Obama?" and create a campaign around that one theme.

Leaving the validity of the dubious birth certificate unspoken and in the background, the campaign could focus on his unreleased college transcripts, openly admitted and celebrated drug use, his radical associates over the years, the leftists he has appointed in his administration, what he has falsely claimed about himself including his birth place, among other issues.  The possibilities are endless.

The time has come for the American people to find out who Barack Obama is and Donald Trump, independent of Mitt Romney, could be the man to finally bring that issue to the fore.

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