Rather scoops Chavez's health report?

HDnet's Dan Rather has published what appears to be a scoop about the continued failing health of Venezuela's meat-headed leader, Hugo Chavez. The reporter, formerly known as Hoss, back when he used to have friends, claims he has been informed by a "highly respected source close to Chavez" that

...Chavez has metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that has 'entered the end stage.'

Unfortunately, readers should remain wary of the veracity of Rather's report, as his career has entered its "end stage" as well.

type of cancer affects the connective tissue, sometimes wrapping itself around intestines, and is rarely seen in adults. The prognosis is poor in most cases.

The drama surrounding Chavez is heightened by his continued campaign for re-election and the uncertainty sure to envelop one of South America's wealthiest nations. Pardon my skepticism, but this seems like the ideal place for Rather to generate some p.r. for the network founded by Mark Cuban and recently purchased by Ryan Seacrest.

We have seen what happens when we rely on the "experts"
at Mr. Rather's disposal.  Of course, Rather is promoting a book, so while savoring this report, please take it with a mountain of salt.

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