Third party Americans Elect fizzles

Americans Elect has thrown in the towel for this round. The group had intended to nominate and get on the Presidential ballot in all 50 states a so-called centrist candidate through an internet convention balloting process that was to begin on May 15th,. Politico reports that the party has qualified for 27 state ballots, evidencing a strong organizing effort, but that: its complicated online nominating process had failed to generate sufficient interest to push any of the candidates who had declared an interest in its nomination over the threshold in its rules... ...under the rules that AE delegates ratified, the primary process would end today. This third party group, which has roots in an earlier version called Unity08, and was once described by Tom Friedman of the New York Times as the iPod of politics that would "flatten the incumbents and let the people in," was aimed at taking a portion of the sleepy electoral middle ground, thus complicating the Republican effort to unseat the...(Read Full Post)