The Unveiling of the White House Bush Portrait

I was a bit bothered that George W. Bush was going to the White House for the unveiling of his portrait. I figured after all the smack-talking that Obama had done for almost 4 years on "inheriting Bush's mess" that Bush would wait on Romney's presidency to get his unveiling. However after seeing Bush with Obama in just a short video segment leading up to the main event, I understood exactly why President Bush decided to go back to the White House.  To put it in the vernacular, "Bush owned the joint!" Bush was comfortable as he walked on the porch leading into one of the anterooms.  He truly looked like the lord of the manor, there to check up on his new tenant.  It was amazing to watch the two of them walking side by side, Bush looking like he had just returned home from a big game hunting trip or something equally regal.  He waved at onlookers between the big pillars; he just had to be thinking "Did you miss me?" Walking beside him was slender Barry, talking...(Read Full Post)