'The Life of Zachary'

You've no doubt heard by now "The Story of Julia" - the Obama campaign's utopian, government dependent woman who owes so much to President Obama's policies and programs. But what if "Julia" had a son? "The Life of Zachary" by Nicole Gelinas writing at City Desk: Age 0: Zachary is born. Nine months earlier, Julia's government-provided birth control failed. Unprepared for this development, Julia's sexual partner texted her that he was not ready for a child. Julia went ahead and had the baby, and so Zachary has entered the world without a father. He starts off with disadvantages because of Julia's "choice." But luckily, he's a smart, sturdy tyke. Age 3: Zachary gets an earache. Though distressed that Zachary is in pain, Julia is relieved that her government-provided health care will take care of everything. She calls up Zachary's pediatrician to make an emergency appointment. Zachary's doctor's assistant reminds Julia that the doctor's practice sent out letters months ago to...(Read Full Post)