The Bain Saga Continues

There will probably be no end to the Bain attacks on Romney until President Obama, admits to himself that they are not only failing but backfiring. And, if experience teaches, that is an unlikely eventuality given the arrogance and self-absorption he has thus far displayed.  Hence, there, too, will be no end to the controversy about them.  Lucianne's Link Lady scores a perfect ten in her comment (on the Must Reads section) to a link to a recent interview by Anderson Cooper (of all people) and Ben LaBolt, an Obama campaign spokesman, who is unable to answer questions about Obama's (Bain) attacks. Your Start-The-Week-With-A-Kool-Aid-Guzzle Video...Give Anderson Cooper credit. Maybe asking these questions is a trend? The interview is here (caution-You Tube autoplays), and the transcript is here.  Money exchange: COOPER: Private equity is about wealth creation for investors. And I know that's not what he's saying, but that's what it is about. But I don't understand why...(Read Full Post)