That Newsweek cover

Days after arch-competitor TIME magazine garnered oodles of buzz over its mommy porn cover, struggling Newsweek opted for calling President Obama the First Gay President in a cover story that is generating even more chatter.  The big question is: will this help or hurt Obama's campaign? Rasmussen has been reporting a growing lead for Romney ever since Obama announced his new belief and intention to not do anything official to promote gay marriage, leaving it to the states. Conservative commentary has mostly celebrated the cover as a further electoral disaster for Obama's re-election campaign. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air: When is the shark definitively jumped and the daily bread burned past any reasonable definition of being toast? Ladies and gentlemen, this would be that point. He points out that this sudden evolution is believable only to those who need to believe: I'm not such a political neophyte as to suggest that this is unique in politics, but the bold faced, brazen machinations...(Read Full Post)