Team Obama's latest exploding cigar

It is hard to understand how anyone at the White House thought it was a good idea to insert a reference to Barack Obama into items about previous presidents on the official White House website.  My first thought was that it was a parody, a stunt intended to satirize  Obama's rampant egotism.  Alas, this is real, an actual self-mocking gesture. So easy to ridicule. What's next? Erecting gigantic portraits of Obama in public spaces? Another gaffe by the Obama team, in a season of exploding cigars.  Andrew Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily: ...faced with the apparently frightening possibility of losing his reelection bid, Barack Obama has inserted himself into the online White House bios of almost every president in the last nine decades. To somehow share and compare their achievements. At one point Obama even draws his wife into the biographical additions. Imagine the emotional insecurities of a grown man who would have henchman find and gratuitously...(Read Full Post)