Team Obama Soils Wausau, WI - Mayberry, USA

Recently, I was back in Wisconsin with The Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama.  I had never heard of Wausau, Wisconsin until my visit to challenge Team Obama's recall of Gov. Scott Walker.

Downtown Wausau is extremely charming.  Folks, I am talking Mayberry, USA.  My first night in Wausau, a high school orchestra performed a concert on the beautiful stage in the picturesque town square.  Streets are clean and lined with friendly, quaint shops.  I kept an eye out for Andy, Aunt Bee, Barney, and Opie.

The hotel shuttle driver told me I could not leave town without trying pan-fried Walleye.  Though I was unfamiliar with the fish, the local's passion inspired me to give Walleye a try.  It was awesome.

I had the honor of meeting former Senator Walter Chilsen, who praised Gov. Walker's budget reforms.  Senator Chilsen graced me with a little history, explaining how back in the day, Wisconsin had several millionaires because of the lumber industry.  He told of trees so wide that five men could stand in front without being seen from the rear of the tree.

Paper mills were also big business in Wisconsin.  However, the times, they are a-changin'.  Senator Chilsen lamented the recent closing of another paper mill.  In our computer age, folks are not using as much paper as they did in the past.

Senator Chilsen is very high on Gov. Walker, praising him for courageously keeping his campaign promises.

I chatted with two extremely bright college students, both named Samantha and fans of Gov. Walker's budget reforms, which they believe affect their future.  They were highly offended that Obama would send his minions into their state to undermine their governor.  As it is not something I would expect to be a "youth issue," I was pleasantly surprised when both students expressed their displeasure with Obama's attacks on religious liberty.

Both young ladies said that back in 2008, when many of their friends were taken in by the Obama-rock-star-hope-and-change hype, they saw right through it and were not impressed with Obama.  I thought, "How refreshing."

Obama minions' recall of Gov Walker is all about delivering Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes to Obama in November.

Exploiting to the max the whole first-black-president thing, Team Obama continues to boldly go where no other administration has gone before -- ignoring court orders, the Constitution, etc.  They believe they can get away with anything!  Only an out-of-control, arrogant administration would attempt to kick a "corruption-free" governor out of office before the end of his term simply from disapproving of his policy.

The Obama regime must destroy Gov. Scott Walker, lest other governors be emboldened to confront corruption and socialism in their states.

Obama EPA appointee Al Armendariz admitted that he would like to deal with U.S. energy-producers similarly to how the Romans conquered little villages and kept them in check.  "...they'd find the first five guys they saw and they'd crucify them."  Making examples of a few people made sure that the town would be really easy to manage for the next few years.

This is exactly the Obama administration's strategy in Wisconsin -- politically crucify Gov. Walker, and all other American governors will stay in their place.

Team Obama's effort to recall Gov. Walker is absurd, vicious, and ugly.  That is the downside.  The upside is Gov. Walker continues to lead in the polls...and that I was able to spend a few delightful days in a charming American city with a vibe reminiscent of kinder, gentler days -- Wausau, Wisconsin.