Imam Feisal's Taqiyyah Performance

Congratulations have to go to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, better known as the Ground Zero Imam, for his splendid performance on Sean Hannity's May 23 evening interview.  Whether Hannity knew it or not, Imam Feisal used his audience to deliver a well-thought out 'taqiyyah' act where he apologizes profusely, as a "moderate" Muslim, for his various "insensitive" remarks about Americans being accessories to 9/11, their role in spilling more blood than Al Queda, and for not condemning Hamas, Hezbollah and Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist groups.

Hannity seemed to be really taken aback, actually disarmed by the Imam's confession of regret. After all, Hannity has been on the case of this Imam since the controversy of the Park51 (originally Cordoba House) mosque project near Ground Zero. Hannity even praised him for having the courage to come on his show.  

No one on the Imam's team doubted that Hannity would be confrontational and the Imam was ready to play right into it. This was the perfect opportunity for the American public to see and hear how the Muslim scholars' teachings of 'taqiyya' really work when a Muslim is cornered and needs to gain the trust of non-believers to further his agenda.

'Taqiyya,' for those of you new to this Islamic word, is about lying to pave the way to defeat the Infidel.  But, when Imam Feisal spoke one could swear he was telling the truth. In fact, I do believe that in his mind, he was admitting the truth.  And what is that truth?  That he was "insensitive," that he is sorry for what he said and that he now admits that Hamas, Hezb'allah and some factions of the Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists.

We should definitely believe him at these words, as they have no real meaning.  Imam Feisal does not say he disagrees with the comments he had made, only that he is sorry he made them. He had let the cat out of the bag and now he sees how foolish that was in his new role in American-Muslim affairs.

All of this apologizing softened the atmosphere so the Imam could use the opportunity to try to bring the American people into a unity with "moderate" Muslims and focus on fighting extremists of all faiths...and to sell his new book 'Moving the Mountain.' On the surface, this sounds like a good plan. After all, having this Imam on our side against terrorists should be very welcoming news.

What we do not hear him talk about is how the ideology of Islam, its political, legal and social values, is cleverly entering into America's financial, judicial, governmental, educational and social systems.  We do not hear the Imam talk about American cities that are being colonized by Muslim immigrants who are running away from terrible conditions and looking for a better life than they have in any Muslim country today, bringing with them the hopes for Sharia law in the future of America.  Imam Feisal admits that Muslims "must abide by the law of the land." Therefore the struggle for Sharia in America is critical to the well-being of its Qur'an believers.

According to Imam Feisal, Sharia Law is not the antithesis of America's democracy. The anti-women practices of stoning, flogging, needing four male witnesses to a rape, the cutting off of hands for thievery, the honor killings of wives and children and other inhuman punishments are explained by the Imam as only the cultural differences of the various Islamic sects and their respective countries  which accounts for the extreme interpretation of the Sharia penal code.

Hannity asks the Imam if he wants Sharia law applied in America, if he wants separate Sharia Courts?  The Imam dodges the questions.  Instead, he talks of Sharia as the expression of the deepest values of Islamic life and that they are in keeping with the American principles of democracy. He explains that there are six objectives of the Sharia penal code and they are in line with America's Constitution.  They are the protection and the furthering of life, religion, family, property, intellect and dignity which is analogous to Americans' right to the pursuit of happiness.

Now this may be a true interpretation of the goals of Sharia, but one has to wonder how they are to be obtained.  Clearly, it is the methods that differentiates a radical, or extremist, from a 'moderate' like this peace-loving Imam. It seems that the pursuit of Muslim happiness is that everyone should become a Muslim, but this should be obtained thru peaceful means.

Unfortunately, there will be many American who will buy into the Imam's call for unity in the fight against extremism rather than seeing him as the purveyor of Islamic ideology for the future for America. 

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