Syrian opposition implodes as army fires into massive protest

Amid signs that the Syrian opposition is no closer to uniting than it was 14 months ago when the rebellion began, the Syrian army fired into a crowd of tens of thousands of protestors in Aleppo killing and wounding an unknown number of civilians. Aleppo, the country's second largest city, had until recently, been relatively quiet. But an attack on students at the university has galvanized opposition to President Assad. AFP: They came after a call by activists for Syria-wide protests under the rallying cry, "heroes of Aleppo University", in solidarity with students in the northern city who demonstrated there the day before despite brutal repression. On Thursday, the students were met with brutal repression by security forces, despite the presence of UN military observers, who now number more than 250 across the country out of the total of 300. One protester was killed in a separate demonstration Thursday night in the Aleppo neighbourhood of Salaheddin, according to the...(Read Full Post)