Silence of the shams

Senator Chuck Schumer, one of the mouthiest politicians of the last half century never at a loss for words, can't be reached for comment on President Obama's Bain Capital attack strategy.  Which is rather odd, considering his remarkable past abilities to raise money from Wall Street firms.  What's going on? The answer is pretty simple. The awful truth is beginning to dawn on Democrats. Obama is trashing not just the United Sates economy, he is attacking  major donors upon whom the Democrats have come to rely.  Senators from New York like Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand are going to need to hit up the very people being demonized by the Obama campaign. All well and good if Obama wins -- after all, where are these donors going to go for political protection if Obama wins another term? They will for over the big bucks to avoid regulatory harassment, and other avoidable costs.  The understand well that a shakedown system is in place. But it is beginning to dawn on...(Read Full Post)