Sidwell Friends School's 'Mistake'-Proof Prom Prank

Recently, the Washingtonian reported that a pre-prom "prank" email appeared to have been sent from school administrators of Sidwell Friends School, the private $35K-per-year Washington DC institution that both Sasha and Malia Obama attend.  The email was addressed to "Parents of the Sidwell Friends School Community" and advised parents of Upper School students that "their children would receive 'a voucher that may be redeemed for their choice of contraception' at this year's school prom." The striking thing about the email, besides being flawlessly written and the sender having access to the school's email address book, was that on the surface it appeared to be concerned with children's safety. But then it veered off into a discussion about free contraception; the inevitably of teen sex; and the futility of abstinence-only programs, all from a decidedly liberal perspective. Therefore, rather than being shocked, it's possible that open-minded DC parents might think that...(Read Full Post)