Sheikh Bakri Helps Wafa Sultan Educate All Americans on Islam

Dr. Wafa Sultan, a remarkably courageous and thoughtful Muslim freethinker, recently debated Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.  Dr. Sultan watched passively while the good sheikh expressed without equivocation his pious views -- in full accord with classical, mainstream Islamic doctrine on jihad -- and then politely added her own plain-spoken commentary in response. This less-than-eight-minute video segment, if viewed objectively and dispassionately, could do much to educate the American public on the theory animating the practice of "Islamic international relations," without any further explanation required. In brief, the video exchange confirms State Department consul Edward A Van Dyck's didactic characterization from 1880, before the malign influence of postmodern self-loathing crippled the ability of our diplomatic corps and policymaking elites to think and act clearly: In all the many works on Mohammedan law no teaching is met with that even hints at those principles of political...(Read Full Post)