Romney arrested in 1981 for...disorderly conduct?

Mitt Romney? Arrested for disorderly conduct? You go, man. If I were him, I'd make a campaign commercial highlighting this little nugget in his bio just to show he is a regular guy and can give lip to a cop just like anyone else. BuzzFeed: According to what Romney told the Boston Globe in 1994, he had taken his family off to Wayland, Mass.'s Lake Cochituate, about an hour outside Boston, for a summer excursion. As Romney prepared to put his family boat into the water, a park officer told Romney not to launch because his license appeared to have been painted over. The officer told Romney if he put his boat into the water he would face a $50 fine. Romney felt that his license was still visible and decided to ignore the order from the officer and pay the fine. "I figured I was at the state park with my kids. My five kids were in the car wondering why we weren't going out in the boat, so I said I'd launch and pay the fine," Romney said in 1994. Romney said the officer didn't tell...(Read Full Post)