Rangel in danger of losing primary

Rep. Charles Rangle (D-NY), the 22-term congressman censured for massive ethics violations in the House in 2010, faces an uphill battle in the June 26 New York primary to keep his seat. McClatchy: At 81, Rangel is seeking his 22nd term in the U.S. House of Representatives. But he's suffering from a bad back, which kept him out of Washington for nearly three months this year, and a potentially bad break from a congressional reapportionment that makes his district more Hispanic than African-American. For Rangel, a national African-American icon, that's not good news. Now the man who did the unthinkable in 1970 by defeating legendary Harlem firebrand Adam Clayton Powell faces perhaps the toughest run of his career since he squared off against Powell. Rangel's health, the new district boundaries, demographic changes within Harlem and Rangel's 2010 censure by the House for multiple ethics violations have attracted some challengers for New York's June 26 Democratic primary....(Read Full Post)