Pyrrhic Victory for the ACLU in Texas?

In Lewisville, Texas, there will be a benediction and invocation at the graduation ceremony on June 3rd this year, but thanks to the ACLU, the program will call them something else. "Our attorneys have made it clear that we can continue to have student-led prayer, but we will call it 'student remarks,'" Kevin Rogers, chief operating officer of the Lewisville Independent School District, told the Dallas Morning News. Thus, the ACLU of Texas won a pyrrhic battle in its ongoing campaign to wipe out any references to God in public school ceremonies. "If the kids want to pray -- those who are participating and speaking at the graduation because they earned the right to do that in some way, either being the valedictorian, or student class president, or whatever the school prescribes -- then those kids can pray, if they so choose,"  Hiram Sasser, an attorney for the Texas-based Liberty Institute, told OneNewsNow. "And no government official can stop them." "By their very name, they're...(Read Full Post)