Obama's 'likeability' fading fast

Ever since he burst on the national scene, up from obscurity as an Illinois State Senator addicted to voting present, his purported "likeability" has been cited as one of Barack Obama's principal political assets. Polling has historically shown that even as the public may disapprove his policies, they tell pollsters that they like him personally.  To be honest, he has always left me cold, because I recognize in him the sort of figure I encountered many times in my academic career: someone who masks his lack of substance with a big smile, jokes (sometimes mean jokes at the expense of others), and a stock of glib answers masked in abstractions that often do not stand up well under close analysis. Last night on Hannity, Dick Morris reported that the last few weeks have been a disaster for Obama's likability, and that his likability has plummeted to the same levels as approval of his policies. Because television is unfriendly to documentation, I cannot cite the polls Morris claimed...(Read Full Post)