Obama's Challengers as strong as Eugene McCarthy was

The depth of dissatisfaction with Barack Obama manifests itself clearly in the President's struggle to dispose of what should be nothing more than nuisance candidates in state Democrat primaries. While the palace media would like us to believe that Obama is very likeable and an imposing figure to unseat, any candidate unable to steamroll candidates like federal inmate Keith Judd in West Virginia, uncommitted in Kentucky,  or attorney JohnWolfe  in Arkansas, is in a world of trouble. Were not the Democrats so deeply invested in the cloudy narrative surrounding the first-at-least-partiallly-black President, we would see more rats deserting Obama's rapidly sinking ship. Prisoner Judd actually won 10 counties in West Virginia and garnered over 41% of the vote in the state's primary. Update: In Kentucky yesterday, uncommitted won 42.1% of the vote, versus Obama's 57.9%, and Wolfe in Arkansas took 41%.  These numbers are nearly mirror images of the results from the New...(Read Full Post)