Obama Inhaled on Spending

Two pointed Obama statements standout in his pointless presidency. "That's the point!" The cool Obama boasted to the in-crowd about his "chooming" pot usage when asked if he inhaled.  And all the cool gang laughed and laughed.  How charming. In the past week, Obama has been blaming Bush again about the all the spending Bush did and Obama "inherited."  Obama conveniently omits that Obama himself voted for every Democrat spending increase under Bush after 2007.  Bush was forced to sign many of these bills lest our troops be left fending for themselves in the battlefield without bullets.  Obama voted for spinach subsidies larded into war funding bills, for just one example.  While Obama was not playing golf or campaigning for president himself he voted identically or even to the left of Socialist gadfly Senator Bernie Sanders. Obama voted for Democrat spending bills dubbed as "stimulus bills" that gave tax breaks to people who did not pay...(Read Full Post)