New Greek polls show bailout party in the lead

Given the uncertainty of a Grexit ("Greek Exit") from the euro and what it would do to countries like Italy, Spain, and Portugal, the news that the center right New Democracy party, which supports the EU bailout, is in the lead ahead of the June 17 vote can be considered good news for a nervous Europe. Reuters: Five polls published in the weekend press showed the conservative New Democracy party, which supports the bailout, with a lead of between 0.5 and 5.7 points over the anti-bailout leftist SYRIZA party - though analysts said the race was still too close to call. SYRIZA has said it would ditch the country's bailout deal that has led to record unemployment and severe wage cuts. But Germany and other lenders have said they would cut the country's funding if it took such a step. That would lead to bankruptcy and possibly force Greece to leave the euro. New Democracy would get between 25.6 percent and 27.7 percent of the vote if the election was held today, according to the...(Read Full Post)