Nebraska stuns GOP establishment

It is no fun being a member of the GOP establishment these days. Another upstart has pulled off a surprise victory, this time  in Nebraska. Shades of Indiana! Even worse, Sarah Palin's endorsement seems to have made a big difference. The peasants are revolting! And nominating their candidates for the Senate. Someone  named Deb Fischer -- nobody at the National Press Club or Cosmos Club ever heard of her -- won the Republican primary. David Catanese of Politico explains: Nebraska state Sen. Deb Fischer wrested the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate from Attorney General Jon Bruning Tuesday night, riding a burst of late momentum to pull off an unexpected victory. Her stunning come-from-behind performance amounts to a warning flare about the volatility of the primary season and the unintended impact of outside groups. (snip) Outside groups like the Club for Growth and Jim DeMint's Senate Conservative Fund began chipping away at Bruning's favorability through a...(Read Full Post)