Lugar out of Senate after 6 terms

A funny thing happened on the way to the funeral for the tea party movement.  Yes, with the Jurassic media full of stories about the demise of the movement, darned if they didn't pull off one of their most significant wins last night in Indiana as Senator Dick Lugar is now done in the Senate after 36 years -- losing big to Richard Mourdock.  Thirty-six years!  Yes, Lugar was in the Senate before the phrase "President Reagan" was applicable. He was in the Senate when Toyota was a fringe brand in this country.  He was even in the Senate before Sandra Fluke started college and before Julia went on government assistance.   That he lost in a primary is delicious.  That he lost running like a Democrat is downright humorous.  Of course, if you are a member of the Republican Establishment - especially a member of Lugar's staff - you aren't laughing.    No, if you are part of that group, the resounding rebuke that Lugar suffered last night in...(Read Full Post)