Low Class all Around

The President may not have personally approved Jimmy Kimmel's shtick for the White House Correspondence Dinner beforehand, but he seemed to indicate approval by his positive reaction to even the raunchiest moments of the night.   Kimmel's "video editing" bit was over the top and disgraceful to the office of the President.  Here, clips of politicians and commentators were edited to give the impression that the speakers were making reference to sodomy, and other "humorous" insinuations. Though I was never a zealous advocate of Governor Perry, he does not deserve to be defiled in this manner, nor do the other public servants who were likewise spoofed.  Forget about the man, Barrack Obama, and let's consider the office.  As Schopenhauer pointed out, "Official honour demands...that the man who occupies an office must maintain respect for it, for the sake of both his colleagues and of those who will come after him."  So Mr. President, while you're keeping the seat...(Read Full Post)