Look who's headed to Chicago for the NATO summit

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time: President Obama would hold the NATO summit in Chicago as a consolation prize for his humiliating loss of the Olympics after flying to Copenhagen with Michelle to lobby the IOC. Back then, the possibility of hostile demonstrations seemed remote. Even if the Obama magic didn't work in Denmark, back then the One could rely on his invincibility within the mainstream media bubble at home. How times change! When one tries be everything to everyone, four years is long time to keep the illusion buoyant. Kim Janssen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports: They're here, and more are coming - lots more. The first major busload of out-of-town anti-NATO protesters arrived in Chicago Wednesday evening. Sixteen hours after they pulled off from a dark New York street corner at 4 a.m., more than 40 tired but excited Occupy Wall Street activists stepped down onto a leafy Lincoln Park block at 7 p.m. wearing Robin Hood masks. "It's been fun to ride with you...(Read Full Post)