Just who is being unreal about the jobs numbers?

Papers and media outlets across the nation (let alone the plummeting stock market) recognized the job numbers that were released on Friday as being appallingly weak. Not the Los Angeles Times, however. The paper covered the story under this headline: "Mitt Romney dismisses improved job figures"  Mitt Romney, who has long staked his presidential bid on his business experience, painted a rosy picture of his definition of a successful economy on Friday, arguing that the unemployment rate should be cheered only if it is below 4%, and arguing that half a million new jobs should be created every month in a true economic recovery. Those sorts of economic conditions have rarely existed in recent American history. But when Romney made his remarks in response to a new jobs report that unemployment had dipped to 8.1% and the economy added 115,000 jobs last month, they were just the latest chapter in the harsh critique that Romney has hammered throughout the campaign. Though...(Read Full Post)