'Jesus has no place in budget conflict'

In a remarkably clear-eyed and compelling letter to the editor of a Pennsylvania newspaper, a Catholic priest from a small-town parish published a decisive smackdown to the conceit that politicians and editors know the answer to the question, "What would Jesus do?" He responded to a newspaper editorial which suggested that Rep. Paul Ryan's budget was not "what Jesus would do." The letter is especially entertaining on the subject of the church crowd running Georgetown University, an institution which, along with certain students, has been much in the news of late. WWJD is a popular device employed by liberal politicians who seldom follow the admonitions of the deity they invoke to support programs they favor. It is a common supplement to the notions that the political class really cares about "the children, "the elderly" or believes in much of anything other than reelection. Some highlights from the letter: Theologians are a dime a dozen. They should be evaluated according...(Read Full Post)