In Your Face

Are you tired of living through a daily/weekly media diet of shock and awe?   Do you feel like you're living within the pages of The National Enquirer?  Have you found yourself questioning, is anything private anymore, or, do they really think we're that stupid?   This "in your face" agenda and mentality being practiced by certain members of our society, and all too gleefully supported with alacrity by the national media, is starting to wear very thin, at least with me. Think about it.  Election year 2012, the economy is tanking again, unemployment has remained above 8%, housing remains stagnant, gasoline prices have doubled in some areas, so what's left but the culture wars.  The first shot fired across the bow is courtesy of a nymphomaniac appearing before a Congressional committee, whining about how we should pay for her contraception because she can't say no.  Then this hooey is turned into a "war on women" because the vote totals...(Read Full Post)