In France, polls tightening but Hollande still favored

It looks like it's going to be too little too late for French President Nicholas Sarkozy, as the last polls to come out before the election on Sunday show him narrowing the gap with is socialist rival Francois Hollande, but that the leftist candidate appears poised for a win. Time: Sarkozy, disliked by many voters for his handling of the economy, promised he could come out victorious on Sunday. Speaking on Europe-1 radio Friday, he said much will depend on whether French voters bother to cast ballots in an election that polls have always predicted Hollande would win. But he also sounded increasingly philosophical and prepared for possible defeat. Asked Friday what he would do if he loses, Sarkozy said simply, "there will be a handover of power." "The nation follows its course. The nation is stronger than the destiny of the men who serve it," he said. "The fact that the campaign is ending is more of a relief than a worry." Hollande urged his followers against complacency....(Read Full Post)