Hugo Chavez, Soros, and the anti-fracking movement

Our friends over at Investor's Business Daily have a must read column  regarding the actions taken by George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and Barack Obama that have frustrated energy development in America and in Canada. From the editorial that focuses on how our enemies wish to weaken us: One way to neutralize the U.S. is to hurt its ability to produce its own energy. Don't think it's not happening - it is, in a shockingly large variety of ways, by a number of enemies, ranging from China to self-described "stateless statesman" George Soros, whose loyalty is to global socialism, not the U.S... Canadian political leaders accused Soros of secretly funding Tides Canada, a Vancouver-based far-left foundation that bankrolls radicals working to halt oil sands development in Canada. Tides Canada is now under investigation by Canadian tax authorities for clandestinely taking funds from "foreign funded radical groups," a violation of Canadian law. Soros is known to fund Tides in the U.S., so...(Read Full Post)