Hugo Chavez, Soros, and the anti-fracking movement

Our friends over at Investor's Business Daily have a must read column  regarding the actions taken by George Soros, Hugo Chavez, and Barack Obama that have frustrated energy development in America and in Canada.

From the editorial that focuses on how our enemies wish to weaken us:

One way to neutralize the U.S. is to hurt its ability to produce its own energy.

Don't think it's not happening - it is, in a shockingly large variety of ways, by a number of enemies, ranging from China to self-described "stateless statesman" George Soros, whose loyalty is to global socialism, not the U.S...

Canadian political leaders accused Soros of secretly funding Tides Canada, a Vancouver-based far-left foundation that bankrolls radicals working to halt oil sands development in Canada. Tides Canada is now under investigation by Canadian tax authorities for clandestinely taking funds from "foreign funded radical groups," a violation of Canadian law.

Soros is known to fund Tides in the U.S., so there is at least an indirect link. What's a sure thing is that someone didn't want the U.S.' top energy supplier to produce more oil and gas.

This happens too as Canada's TransCanada is proposing to end 40% of U.S. overseas oil dependency with its Keystone XL pipeline. Both Tides Canada and the Obama administration have lined up against it...

Venezuelan petrotyrant Hugo Chavez's Foundation National Cinematheque bankrolled a scurrilous anti-fracking documentary called "Gasland" that was nominated for an Academy Award, exploiting Hollywood's leftist gullibility.

 "Gasland" has been roundly debunked by experts but, nevertheless, got a big boost when it premiered at the Sundance Festival in the documentary category. As I have noted before at American Thinker, Soros also funds Sundance because he sees documentary films being promoted there as a way to bring about policy change in America. Soros is also a major beneficiary of clean energy promotion and funding by the Obama administration. (See Cheap Natural gas and its Democrat Enemies).

Soros is, of course, the sugar daddy of the Democratic Party, a top donor to liberal activist groups such as MoveOn.Org, a huge donor to the anti-Israel J Street political group and a major funder of the Center for American Progress -- a group with close ties to the White House. Soros was also an early and generous supporter of Barack Obama, even using a loophole in federal election laws that allowed him to give outsized donation to Obama's Senate run Because he chose to domicile his hedge fund overseas its investors remain cloaked in anonymity -- might they included Arab oil potentates, or might they include Hugo Chavez?

Until the Investor's Business Daily editorial I was unaware that funding for this film was provided by Hugo Chavez -- an arch-enemy of America, a tyrant who has allied with Iran and also is reportedly providing support to Hezb'allah. Certainly it is in his interest to prevent America from developing the vast oil and gas resources beneath our feet and odd our coasts. His mismanagement has sliced energy production in Venezuela so he needs higher energy prices to help keep himself in power.