Hillary's Hypocrisy Tour Of India

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put India's oil-buying from Iran at the top of her agenda this week, but probably didn't bring much moral suasion to the table. Yes, the world needs to cut off the mullahs' cash stream from its huge oil earnings to halt its nuclear program. But the burden of who gives up their supplier isn't spread evenly. It's all very easy for the world's preeminent superpower to tell India, whose rapidly growing economy requires that it import 70% of its oil, to just quit buying Iranian oil, which is what Clinton is doing, warning India that if it doesn't, it faces harsh sanctions. India does buy quite a bit of Iranian oil - some 550,000 barrels a day or 9% of its imports. But if you're going to do that, you need to offer India a decent alternative. That's precisely what the Clinton State Department isn't doing. Instead of getting the U.S. out of the Middle Eastern oil market to free up supply for India and other erstwhile Iranian oil buyers, the U.S. has stepped...(Read Full Post)