The Persistence of Rancor

One can only wonder what it is that Charles Munger, the 88-year-old investor par excellence and right-hand man to Warren Buffett at Berkshire Hathaway, could conceivably lack in this worldly life.  Considering that he is unfathomably wealthy; suavely, laconically self-assured; magisterial in the confident deliverance of his opinions; and apparently healthy -- enough even to be disdainfully unconcerned about the prostate he imagines is probably unsound -- the answer is:  not much. Well, then, engorged with the late-in-life surge of what recrudescent bilious enzyme did this senescent fiscal seer decide to recklessly spite the Jews of 1939 Austria?  In an interview on Friday with Becky Quick of CNBC (the link is here; comment at issue begins 8m:50ss), Ms. Quick asked, with reference to David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, "Einhorn used this whole thesis that he had ... to say that in a normal situation like this, he would be buying stocks, selling bonds, and selling...(Read Full Post)