Greece to hold new elections next month

With markets tanking all over the world as a result of the growing probability that Greece will be forced to leave the euro zone, Greek President Karolos Papoulias gave up on his efforts to get the major parties to form a government and issued a call for new elections to be held next month. Reuters: He did not immediately give the date for the new vote, but elections rules suggest it will be in mid June. A caretaker government would be formed on Wednesday, the spokesman said. "For God's sake, let's move towards something better and not something worse," Socialist party leader Evangelos Venizelos told reporters after the meeting. "Our motherland can find its way, we will fight for it to find its way." Greece remains without a government since its inconclusive election left parliament split between supporters and opponents of a 130 billion euro bailout package reviled by Greeks for imposing deep wage, pension and spending cuts. Polls show the leftist SYRIZA party, which...(Read Full Post)