Gov. Christie vetoes health insurance exchange law

His reasoning is sound; why spend state money on a program that might be declared unconstitutional in a couple of months? Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill today that would have required the state to form a "health exchange," a marketplace accessible online and by telephone that small employers and uninsured people would use to shop for low-cost coverage. The veto does not come as a surprise. The health exchange is a key component of the federal health care law, and the Christie administration has delayed implementing aspects of with the Affordable Care Act before the U.S. Supreme Court rules whether the law is constitutional. The court's decision is expected in June. "While I appreciate the Legislature's attempt to find steady policy footing in these shifting legal sands, I am concerned that a hastily created exchange in New Jersey will impose unnecessary obligations upon the state's citizens,'' according to the governor's veto statement released today. "I...(Read Full Post)