Socialist Hollande elected

François Hollande is elected with an estimated 51.9%. I was wrong. The polls were right. It's a democracy. Now we'll have to live with the result. Ronny Gordon writes that France's Tricolor has turned a bit more red and brings us this rendering of President-elect Hollande:      Half an hour before polls closed, things were more hopeful: I just received an email saying that the WSJ announces a victory of François Hollande, roughly 52% to Sarkozy's 48%. Maybe so. But that's not how it looks from here. At 7:15 PM David Pujadas of France 2 said: if the result is too close to call, we will show the portraits of BOTH candidates at 8 PM. Previously, SkyNews announced the almost certain victory of François Hollande, giving an undated IFOP poll of 52 to 48. Then went from the studio to their correspondent at Socialist Party headquarters rue Solferino in Paris. She said that the supporters outside were certain of victory but the party officials inside were somewhat concerned,...(Read Full Post)