Finally, the Syrian revolt reaches the capital

President Assad has kept the lid on dissent in Syria's two largest cities over the past year - Damascus and Aleppo - trying to prevent the loss of those two key urban areas to the chaos that has engulfed much of the rest of the country. But you apparently can't keep the protestors bottled up forever. Reuters: For months the unrest that erupted across Syria last year, when opponents of President Bashar al-Assad demonstrated for greater rights, was held at bay from the government stronghold of Damascus, even as street protests turned to armed struggle. Now Damascenes feel the unrest is encroaching on their homes and the sense of unease is tangible. Frequent explosions shake the city, ranging from a bombing which killed at least nine people in the Midan district 10 days ago to nightly blasts, many of which remain unexplained. Activists blame some of the detonations on Assad's security forces, saying they are deliberately heightening the sense of insecurity as part of efforts to...(Read Full Post)