Factoids, Facts, and Democrats

The droll Arkansas wit of Wesley Pruden, editor emeritus of The Washington Times, often gets one's Tuesday or Friday morning off to a good start.  His amusing take on both Fauxahontas and President Obama begins: Who would have guessed that Barack Obama was the original birther, peddling the story that he was born in Kenya long before Donald Trump, Sheriff Joe and assorted nut jobs took it up as a crusade in fantasy and futility. And continues: ...like everything else about him, it's an element in the portrait of a composite president, a man with composite ambitions, composite convictions and a composite past populated by girlfriends he now concedes were composites, too. After disposing of the tale of the tale, he zeroes in on another target: A composite past is fashionable this year in certain political circles. Elizabeth Warren, the Democrat trying to unseat the Republican incumbent in Massachusetts, concocted a splendid past from her native Oklahoma, describing herself as...(Read Full Post)