Election Fraud: A new special report from Fox News

Despite the indictments and convictions, the position of progressives is that election fraud isn't really much of a problem in America. Eric Shawn of Fox News has done more than anyone else on television to expose the truth about election fraud. For years he's reported on it, and now he's come out with an excellent new special: "Stealing Your Vote." The issues Shawn covers include fraudulent absentee ballots, illegal petitions to get candidates on ballots, the Wisconsin recall, non-citizen voting, using the registrations of the dead to vote, ACORN and voter registration fraud, voter ID laws and the Obama crusade against them, and the recent appeal by the NAACP to the UN. There's also a terrific segment on the history of election fraud in America. Shawn is imminently fair and goes after both parties. But the most disturbing segment is on the 2008 election for U.S. Senate in Minnesota where illegal voting by felons robbed Sen. Norm Coleman of reelection. That stolen election gave...(Read Full Post)