Egypt's presidential debate pitted political Islam against the old establishment

There are 13 candidates running for president in Egypt but only two squared off in an historic 4 hour debate yesterday. Former Mubarak foreign minister Amr Moussa and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood - now "moderate" Islamist Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh were the only candidates on stage for the televised event. Even the Brotherhood candidate, Mohammed Morsi, was absent. The two represent the divide emerging in Egypt; revolutionary political Islam versus the establishment. CSM: The exchange between Mr. Moussa and Mr. Aboul Fotouh, who are considered the frontrunners, became heated at times. Aboul Fotouh sought to portray Moussa as a member of the former regime, and Moussa brought up Aboul Fotouh's background in the Muslim Brotherhood and shot him questions about religion in an attempt to stir doubt in those wary of political Islam. "My point of reference is the nation. Your point of reference is the Brotherhood," Moussa said at one point. Aboul Fotouh said "The one...(Read Full Post)