Desperate media are pandering to desperate Obama

The recent hit piece, now falling apart, by the Washington Post on Mitt Romney's supposed high school hi-jinks has prompted many questions as to why a pillar of the mainstream media sinks so low in not-so-subtle pandering for Barack Obama and the Democrats.  Ideology plays a major role as the overwhelming majority of journalists and editors are politically left of the majority of the American people.  However another more practical factor may well be the driving force behind the excessive willingness to carry water for the Obama re-election campaign. It is no secret that the Washington Post, New York Times, and virtually all mainstream news outlets are hemorrhaging red ink, with no end in sight.   The Washington Post, for example, recorded an average daily circulation of 790,000 in 2000, today it has dropped to 507,000 (-36%).  Worse still print advertising revenue has fallen from $665 million in 2000 to less than $270 million last year; a precipitous drop of...(Read Full Post)