Dems in disarray in Wisconsin

The Democratic primary to choose a challenger to face Governor Scott Walker in the June recall election will be held today. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is expected to breeze to victory. But the Democrat's plans to run against Walker based on the controversial public employee union reforms have fallen through. Voters are more concerned about the economy in the state, and this has Democrats scrambling to satisfy their union paymasters while addressing the real concerns of voters. Washington Free Beacon: The Democratic Party of Wisconsin canceled a so-called "unity rally" planned for Wednesday, the day after the primary to determine which Democratic candidate will face Gov. Scott Walker in the state's special recall election. According to its Facebook page, Democrats decided to focus on voter turnout, rather than unity. "After serious discussion, we believe we can't afford to lose a single day of voter contact," the statement reads. "It is imperative that we do everything we can to...(Read Full Post)