Civil Rights Group Admonishes Issa Against Contempt Charges

According to the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), Chairman Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee better stop his "unwarranted" pursuit of contempt charges against Attorney General Eric Holder. The coalition of over 200 organizations sent Issa a letter on Monday deflecting attention away from the real issue--namely, how higher-ups at the Department of Justice and possibly the White House could believe that arming drug cartels with thousands of weapons was a good thing. In their missive LCCR doesn't seem to be interested in the facts of the deadly program only in AG Holder's welfare. We are deeply troubled by the prospect that the Attorney General will be cited for contempt by your committee, and believe that such action is unwarranted. We urge you to reconsider that decision...To put it simply, the attempt to cite General Holder for contempt seems to be a rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the Attorney...(Read Full Post)