Boston Globe Publishes Biased Photos Next to Complaint About Bias

It's no surprise that the mainstream media's election coverage is biased toward President Obama, but every now and then they outdo themselves. On yesterday's editorial page, a letter writer complained about the lack of "Equal Treatment [by the press] of Obama, Romney";  Dan Ostertag wrote: "I can't help but think of the tone the Globe would have taken had Mitt Romney 'evolved' on [the issue of gay marriage] as well." The Globe illustrated the letter with photographs of the two candidates for President. The President's photo is a beautifully lit stock portrait from Getty Images. Obama has a halo behind his head and an uplifted gaze, as if he is calmly contemplating big issues, above the fray and scrum of partisan bickering. The Romney photo on the other hand is a highly unflattering AP snapshot of Romney standing in front of an American flag (not cool to show off your patriotism). The lighting is harsh, emphasizing the lines in Romney's forehead. Romney's mouth is half...(Read Full Post)