Boston Globe plays catch-up on Fauxcahontas Warren the wrong way

The Boston Globe, a New York Times subsidiary, has been caught flat-footed on the story of Senate candidate/Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Warren's phony claim of Cherokee heritage, with the rival Boston  Herald loudly telling all of Massachusetts about her evasions, pathetic claims of evidence, and haughty air of let's-move-on. For weeks now, the Globe has pretended there is no story, but it just isn't working. First, the Globe prominently published (false) claims that the New England Genealogical Society verified her Indian heritage based on a marriage license application by an ancestor. Oops! Turns out that it is a phony document that the NEGS repudiated.  After a delay, the Globe posted a correction buried deep inside its pages, unlike the prominent position accorded the false evidence. But the cofferdam isn't working. Reporters, led by the Herald, continue to pester Warren with awkward evidence that keeps coming to light, indicating that yes, Harvard Law School...(Read Full Post)