Battleground Poll: Dead heat

This is a pleasant surprise, but not entirely unexpected. Obama was hurt by politicizing the Osama raid and his "war on women" by the GOP has blown up in his face. This is reflected in the fact that Obama's 5 point lead over Romney in February is now a one point deficit - 48-47. And the GOP in general is making a comeback as well. Politico: The former Massachusetts governor has opened up a 10-point lead, 48 percent to 38 percent, among independents in a poll conducted Sunday, April 29 through Thursday, May 3 and a 6-point lead among those who describe themselves as "extremely likely" to vote in November. Obama led Romney by 9 points overall in POLITICO's February's poll. But there are suggestions that these numbers are extremely fluid: Obama holds double-digit leads over the presumptive Republican nominee on issues such as who will better handle foreign policy and who will stand up for the middle class and on "sharing your values." But enduring concern about the economy --...(Read Full Post)